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Get your quality ice melt for direct delivery now before winter hits!

Commercial wholesale in Pennsylvania only

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Cleanfire™ brand 

Residential delivery unavailable due to overwhelming demand!




Credit card and check by phone accepted when ordering by phone. C.O.D. arrangements can be made for checks and cash.  We do not accept credit cards at point of delivery.




  • We schedule deliveries when orders are filled within your area and we call the day before delivery to make arrangements. 
  • Be sure there is ample room for a tractor to navigate the roads leading to your location and make us aware of low bridges and weight limits. 
  • Our forklift places pellets at the garage door or any other location easily accessible.
  • Customer assumes all responsibility for any damages to property.
  • Placing pallets into a garage or other structure is at the driver’s discretion.

Pellet Delivery Area


DirectPellet is now delivering into the following Pennsylvania counties for the 2014 pellet buying season:

  • Wyoming
  • Lackawana
  • Luzerne
  • Monroe
  • Northampton
  • Lehigh

We will deliver outside of the listed counties depending how far out it is and the quantity you need.

Call us for information about full truckload deliveries (20 to 22 tons, customer must unload)