What is bulk wood pellet delivery?

Posted by: Chris

Bulk delivery is something I sought to get started in several years ago. The popularity of wood pellets in North eastern Pennsylvania, northern New Jersey and the lower New York area seemed like a viable area to introduce Bulk Delivery. There is still a long way to go for this concept to become popular.  Bulk delivery of wood pellets is similar to the delivery of home heating oil. You have a storage bin located in your basement, garage or outside. A truck carrying wood pellets equipped with an on board scale arrives at your home or business. The driver connects a hose from the truck to your storage bin and using compressed air blows the product into the storage container.  It’s simple, safe and there is no worry of contamination if a few pellets should contact the ground.

Now the next question you are wondering about!  After the wood pellets are in the storage bin how do you get them to your stove or pellet furnace?  If you have a furnace that’s easy! A pipe connected to the bottom of the storage bin fitted with an electric auger would automatically deliver them directly to the furnace hopper. Wood pellet furnaces are perfect for setting up a bulk delivery system.  If you use a pellet stove then you would place a bucket under the hopper and a small door would dispense the pellets and then you could carry them to your stove.  A more expensive system could be hooked up to the storage bin and using a vacuum system the  pellets are delivered through PVC piping to a receptacle located close to the stove where you could dispense them into a bucket and pour them into your stove. Having a 2, 3 or 4 ton storage bin means you can get one delivery and you never have to deal with plastic bags, dust or lifting 40 pound bags.

 If these systems are so simple then why aren’t more consumers acquiring them?  They are initially expensive.  Convenience is the major reason for installing a bulk system in a residential building.  Until bulk delivery becomes popular the costs to deliver will out weight any savings. The cheaper cost of the pellets in bulk will be lost in the delivery charges.  When any new product comes to market it is always expensive until more people buy it or use it, bringing the cost down to an affordable level.  

 For the present time, commercial operations such as poultry farms or commercial buildings are benefiting from the savings from buying bulk. There are only a few companies that offer bulk deliveries in the New England area. If you are interested in learning more about the companies try these links.

 Woodpellets.com.       Energex.         Maine Energy Systems.