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The Real Cost to Heat a Home

Wood Pellet Direct Delivery

Let’s analyze the effort and costs you probably never thought about...

You are probably someone who fits into three general categories of wood pellet users:

  1. Using wood pellet fuel to fully heat your home or business.
  2. Burning pellet fuel as a supplement to existing heating sources in the home
  3. An occasional user.  The occasional user might be someone with a second winter vacation home or just a flare for a pellet stove for aesthetics or to take the chill off during colder months. The occasional user may not find any benefit in home delivery due to the quantity they need to keep on hand, but the other two types of consumers certainly can.

Save Money With Delivery

Because consumers vary in the quantity they use lets take a look at the three categories of users  mentioned earlier. So, let’s break everything down.  If you use pellet fuel to heat your entire home chances are you use between three or four tons in a typical heating season based on about 1800 square feet of living area.  You make the drive to your local supplier that is generally several miles away; let’s pick five miles as an average trek.  That’s ten miles round trip.

The price of gasoline averages to about $2.00 per trip.  That does not seem like much until you see how it is going to add up!  If you have a heavy duty pickup truck you'll have a slight advantage. You could get away with transporting a full ton but realistically considering legal weight limits, ½ to ¾ of a ton is the realistic average.  Hauling on average ½ ton with a total year’s usage of four tons that’s eight round trips to your retail supplier. Simply calculated that’s a total of $16.00 in gasoline to and from.  That does not sound like much but don’t forget about wear and tear on your vehicle.  Lastly, consider the time spent in travel (80 miles), loading & unloading your purchase to and from your vehicle; about an hour.  All together that’s roughly 8 hours plus unloading time at home given up of your free time that’s better spent doing other important things around the home.  

Ouch! Can you feel that pain in your back!

Pellet Delivery Makes Sense

If you are less fortunate without the use of a truck and an automobile is your only choice of transporting your fuel then most likely you are throwing 8 to ten bags in your vehicle per trip.  Using the 4 ton average usage, that equates close to 6 trips per ton or 24  round trips totalling 240 miles back and forth to your supplier; Wow that’s a lot of driving! You are spending almost $50.00 in fuel (enough to cover delivery of 4 tons of pellets) plus wear and tear on your automobile. Your time doing all this amounts to about 24 hours; again time that could be spent warming up in front of your pellet stove!

Is your time valuable?  Do you want to spend all that extra time running after wood pellets and carrying them back and forth after you get home from a long day at work? At about $12.00 per hour or an average persons wages at a regular job that’s about  $96.00; HOLY COW! That’s a lot of money if you think of it in those terms!

The major advantage of ordering your fuel for direct delivery is that you don’t have to hunt around for an alternate source of fuel when your preferred dealer runs out. Availability is never an issue. Just go on the Internet or pick up the telephone and place your order.  Doesn't this all make common sense?

It's Half the Cost!

Consider the cost to heat a home. It's a fact that it costs less to heat your home with wood pellets vs. petroleum fuels, in fact it's HALF the cost! So, let's give you an easy to understand example of fuel cost using oil heat as an example. The wood pellet price of pellets per ton varies but the cost of 4 tons of pellet fuel is about $900.00.  Fuel oil will cost you about $1800.00 to $1900.00 giving the same total BTU output.  At $60.00 for a delivery how can anyone complain that pellet delivery is too expensive? You are already saving a wheel barrow of cash by burning pellet fuel! Another advantage is that the price of wood pellets does not take major swings  like fuel oil prices do.  The cost of heating oil is going to sky rocket where wood pellet prices remain stable.



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